Needing advise/help.


So, if anyone has been seeing my posts you know that I've been diagnosed with severe migraines/cluster headaches that have been going on for about a month now. I'm on bed rest for them because light and movement are the main triggers. I see spots or flashing lights in my visions 24/7 now, and my BP bounces from being as high as 155/95 to 95/40 in as little as 15 minutes sometimes. These drops sometimes happen while taking a quick trip to the restroom and I collapse.

I've had all of the tests done, but the hospital says they won't do anything unless my BP goes over 160/110. No protein in the urine. No medications work, so I've resorted to taking sleeping pills to just try and sleep through the pain. I feel tired all the time.

Last I went in, baby girl flipped into breach, so my liver and kidneys hurt but are still healthy. I'm also having trouble feeling her in this position because of the anterior placenta...

They keep saying I'm possibly "borderline pre eclamptic," but still won't do anything. I honestly feel like I'm going mad with the constant hospital and doctor visits. They keep blamibg everything on these blasted migraines and and anterior placenta. I just don't know what to do....

Anyone going through/gone through this? I'm really worried, depressed, stressed, and tired. I hate wishing it, but I really hope I go into labor around 36 weeks just to be done with it all and physically be able to see that she is ok.