Another heartbreaking period


Well, even though I thought I did everything right and I had much different PMS symptoms than other months, I got my period today. I guess it's on to our 17th month TTC. My last doctor said I have endometriosis but that a laparoscopy would make me infertile, so I'm seeing a new doctor in 5 days. We'll see what happens.

I know I need to stay positive, but I'm heartbroken. My sister is pregnant with her second child and I've long given up the dream of us having our kids at the same time, but at this point it feels like it won't ever happen for me. My husband wants a baby but says that I'm just being impatient and that my stress over it is the reason why it's not happening. (He's not willing to get tested because he's "sure" that he's not the problem).

I'm so sad. I am sad that there are so many of us out there struggling with this. I just need to put this out there because you ladies make me feel like I'm not alone. We can do this, right?