Do you guys have a embarrassing but funny sex story?


So my boyfriend’s mom is very traditional. We cannot sleep in the same room under any circumstances. So when everyone goes to work he come in his room where I’m sleeping and wake 😁 me up..👅😽. This morning his mom went and got groceries so there was time for a quickie. I’m currently ovulating so I wear my panty savers...So we did our deed and it’s time to get dressed....and I can’t find my panty liner at all. I legit look for an hour flipping the bed and and pulling off all the covers.I even stopped and thought to myself..”Did I have one on?” Trying to reframe from embarrassing myself to him I didn’t want to say anything even tho he undressed me.

So I told him and we begin to look together. Couldn’t find it at all, he even had to stop and ask me to go look in the bathroom to see if he threw it away.Still didn’t find it. We started our morning routine....and waited for his mom to come back with breakfast. She come home and blow for him to come out to get groceries, and then POW! It’s in my face. The whole time it’s stuck to his thigh. HIS FUCKIN THIGH! I jump up and snatched it off...and he’s hairy so he definitely felt it. Funniest shit ever, I thought he’d be grossed out but we laughed it off and tried to go through the rest of the day without thinking about it or bringing it up. It was like the phone and brain synced(like when you say something and you begin to !keep seeing it. Every commercial echoing something weird like....”Searching for something and can’t find

iit”...”thin panty liners,you won’t even know it’s there”...we were having the biggest inside joke laughs 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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