I have been with my boyfriend for four months and Im so in love with him. We have been friends for about 5-6 months before we dated. We are long distance, I'm turning 15 & soon he's turning 16. When we first started dating he swept me off my feet and was so clingy and told me how much he loved me, thought I was beautiful..etc. but the last two months we've been having some troubles. Hes not talking to me and doesnt show me affection or attention unless I literally beg. (I am not an attention whore, but its nice to feel wanted)  He says he loves me and we've taken breaks for no more than a week and we always get back together because he "wants me" and "loves me". I take him back in the hope that we will go back to normal and how we used to. I feel that i put more into the relationship more than him, and Im only trying because i love him and i see a future with him because he's literally so perfect for me. I have only started to give up because the idea of us being together forever or back to normal is just a dream. I definitely felt i have wasted so much energy on what little i have trying to make it work. And the only thing i come back to is i love him. He doesnt call or skype anymore & we are living a state away from each other and thats nothing. I just hope he  would never cheat on me, or this be a whole lie. I really have been so fucking lost the past year and we have been there for each other, and the one person i want to talk to and be with isnt here for me anymore. Im sorry this is so long but I needed for someone to hear me out.