Birth plan went out the window

Welcome to the world Alana Grace! Came to the hospital Friday after having pretty strong/consistent contractions. Thought the doctor would send me home since I was only 3 cm dialated, but after some blood work they found I had preeclampsia. The odd thing is this was the first issue I've had in my 39 weeks of pregnancy. Got admitted Friday night and induced. Decided to get an epidural which allowed me to rest during the night. By Saturday afternoon, the extra pressure from the pitocin used to induce me was unbearable even with the epi. Doctor checked me every 2-3 hours and the most I dialated was 6cm. Decided it was best to go for a c-section. Turns out she was stuck in my pelvis even though she was only 6.6 lbs. Definitely not ideal for a vaginal birth. Baby girl was born at 10:11pm on 10/10/15. Being in labor for 24 hours, getting induced, and having a c-section were not at all what I planned, but I'm so grateful she's here šŸ˜Š.