strict parents/birth control

so i am 15 and have lost my virginity ab a year ago, i recently got into a relationship and am sexually active. me and him use condoms and recently had a small scare. i really want to get on birth control but i have VERY strict christian parents. telling them i want to get on BC will make them know ab me being active. they wouldn’t believe any other excuse. they are strict to the point where they get uncomfortable if i even lay my head on my bfs shoulder at my house. we are only allowed to stay in the living room where they can see us. idk what to do. i want to sit down and talk to them ab it but i’m it will lead to losing their trust, not being able to go to my bf’s or see him much at all. ik ab going to planned parenthood and all that but idk how i’d be able to hide that. any help?