My boyfriend doesnt want to have sex with me

Realistically it hasn't been too long. A little over a month. We don't live yet but we've been in a >3 year relationship.

I've never held it against him. I've never talked about it because I think its due to being depressed. I've been so supportive and as I said I have never used anything against him. However, he accepts blow jobs but then the following nights when he stayed over he said he just wanted to cuddle, same again in the mornings.

I try my best, I've tried dirty talk, sending pictures, fantasy and talking about dressing up. But no reaction. Its breaking my heart and my own selfish reasons - I miss being touched, I miss feeling loved and he hasn't kissed me in so long.

We used to be a couple that were hot 24/7, down for it wherever and whenever. But it hasn't been the same these past 3 months. I think I have only had sex twice. I've stopped my birth control because i feel there is no point. I feel depressed, unloved and I'm coming to realise just how important sex is to me and masturbation just isn't satisfying that connection that I need anymore.