i’m worried and i don’t know what to do.

Mariah • B 💍

hi guys, my name is Mariah .. i need some advice from anyone who has been through this type of situation..

so i noticed my period was a couple days late (which happens sometimes) so i thought “well this happens most of the time i’ll wait a day or two and see what happens.. next couple of days, NOTHING! no cramping, spotting anything.. so i wait again... fast foward a couple of weeks i take an at home pregnancy test... 3 to be exact and the all came out negative.. so i’m thinking maybe it’s too early to tell so i wait another 2 weeks (at this point it’s been exactly 35 days i’m late) i take another at home test .. still negative.. i waiter a couple more days and finally went to take a blood test...i got my results and they came back negative.. the BLOOD test came back negative.. so now i’m freaking out.. it’s been 45 days no signs of a period .. can someone give me some advice.. i’m really worried and panicking because i feel like there is something wrong???? i would appreciate it 😊