A bit of a rant about work colleagues during my pregnancy so far.


Ok so I don't know if I'm alone in this, but... so I am currently 13 weeks exactly today. I felt very unwell early on and was so bad me and my OH announced my pregnancy to everyone at 5 weeks. It was a risk but I don't believe in keeping it a secret over fears of the worst (my personal choice). However one work colleague found out I was worried about a potential miscarriage. So she shared all her miscarriages with me, told me yeah the first scan is the worst because you turn up and get told your baby died. So I was terrified this was going to happen to me, it made me ill in fact. So as a result I have already had three private scans for piece of mind, and she still told me "cherish it while you can". I'm like what the hell is that supposed to mean! So recently I had the NIPT test and results came in and it's a boy! 💙 I am so happy and the same work colleague argued with me that they are not reliable and she has heard horror stories. I felt upset by her words and after, she started to walk off and said you'll probably end up giving birth to a girl and then she laughed. It's like this woman has an issue with me and my pregnancy. Anyone else had this kind of negativity thrown at them.