Do you think I could be pregnant or am I driving myself crazy?

I don't know where to start but want to lay everything out for people who read through and give me their opinions.

CURRENTLY CD35, AF is 3 days late.

My last period was 8/7-8/10. Glow calculated my fertile week 8/19-8/25, ovulation on 8/24. My bf came in me on 8/17 and 8/29.

Symptoms: My nipples were really sore/sensitive around 8/16-8/20 I'd say. (Note as of today: I have noticed they're a little more bumpy on my nipples, sort of like small pimples, but my actual breasts aren't sore or heavy feeling) 8/18 & 8/19 I had a mild headache and small cramping. 8/20 & 8/21 small cramping. 8/26-8/30 I was battling nausea ALL day long. Couldn't take a sip of coffee. Heck, I still can't. Heartburn has been popping in almost daily now which I NEVER got before. 8/31-today I've had cramping that wasn't quite like AF, today its very mild and almost feels like a muscle? Like when you stretch you can feel the muscle on your side, but my "cramps" have been in normal cramping spot. Yesterday I was OUT FOR THE COUNT. Migraine was horrible, nauseous to the point I thought I was going to have to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes, hot & cold, weak. Yesterday when I would go to the bathroom I could put a little paper up inside to check if af was coming and no sign, but I had one tiny "drop" or "speck" of pink. I took a test yesterday and it was negative, though I took it around 4pm and had peed multiple times since I had woken up.

I just went to the bathroom and did the paper again and saw this. Do you think af is coming or could this be implantation?

This is how Glow calculates my cycle

I've never been regular, but May, June and July I was on the pill so my cycle was regular.

Since I tested yesterday, but late and got a negative, is it still possible I'm pregnant and its too early to test??

These changes are SO OFF from how I normally felt before I feel like its the only explanation.

Please give me your opinions, and if you think I should test again when do you think I should? I'm thinking wait until Sunday 9/8 and if AF still didn't show up test first thing that morning?