High intensity workouts when TTC


From May 2018 I have been going to a bootcamp class. The last 3 months I haven’t gone at all because I was nervous about doing high intensity workouts while TTC. Plus we had a miscarriage nov 2018 and I was just being extra cautious but I see my body is changing from being sedentary. I’m not as lean and toned as I want to be and I don’t wanna end up gaining the weight back I worked to lose. I know working out is just a part of healthy living but I also feel good when I work out, it helps my skin, my energy, mood, sleep everything and walking just isn’t enough and I need the group motivation. I’m not a small girl I’m 175 pounds so I’m not like a fitness lunatic, just want to be active 3-4 times a week. I started back on Monday and I’m wondering if I’m doing the right thing or if the stress on my body will only impede our chances of conceiving being that my body is now deconditioned from working out that hard. When I went to the class I pushed myself but I didn’t over over do it. What’s your experience as a woman who did bootcamp type workouts while TTC and would you advise it of not?