Can’t believe I’ve made it this far

Ariel • Gabriel K. 11/16/19👣♥️ Michael k. 2/04/19 ♥️💍

Finally 30 weeks this has been hard and beautiful pregnancy all in one had some scares in the pregnancy but I would never change but my love was so big that I would take all the chances just so I could see your face even if that meant I would have to take care of you for the rest of your life or even just have you in my arms just for a couple of mins that soft maker on your heart scared that crap out of me and your daddy but it made us love you even more it’s so nice to know that nothing is wrong with you and your are growing and a perfect rate and your head and tummy measuring a week ahead you are our healthy Chuncky monkey but it’s nice to know that there’s nothing wrong with our beautiful little boy💙 and boy you love moving you move all day and in the shower Me and your daddy are so proud to call you our son and we wouldn’t change anything about you for the world even though you are healthy!! You have made us strong parents and ready to take on the world with your big personality we love you so much Gabriel