Rescued these little cuties today


Our daughter called me from work this morning asking if we could take in three little kittens. She'd called the pound and they had no room for them until Monday. She explained that they looked sick. They said they would take them Monday and euthanize them because they are sick. Plus they would charge her $10 for each kitten.

They are approximately five weeks old, their eyes matted shut, were flea infested, dehydrated, and malnourished.

We couldn't let that happen. We had to at least try to give them a chance at a happy life. So we went and got them. Brought them home, bathed them in Dawn, cleaned their eyes out and applied antibiotic ointment, and fed them.

They are cute, curious and climbing all over the place now that they are clean with full bellies. We are going to foster them until they are old enough and healthy enough to go to their forever homes