How do I demand respect in my own home?

So, my 20 year old brother in law is staying with us. He moved in when we did in January because his piece of shit mother kicked him out since her jack hole husband doesn’t like him. I told him he had 3 months to get his situation straight and to find somewhere else to stay. Here we are, 9 MONTHS LATER, and he’s STILL here. He lives here rent free. He refuses to help us with bills. I clean up after him constantly. I do his dishes. He’s CONSTANTLY asking me to drive him to work 20 minutes away because he doesn’t have a license. My husband and I can barely support ourselves financially, let alone him.

Lately, I’ve been asking him to clean up after himself. Water the cats when he feeds them, small things like that. Does he respect me enough to do what i ask? No. I’ve been asking him to clean his room for a WEEK, and he hasn’t done it. His room is so full of trash, you can’t see the floor anymore. I have to get my husband to tell him to do things bc he doesn’t respect me enough to do what I ask!! I am SO fed up and I don’t know what to do anymore! It’s not like he’s my kid, I can’t take privileges away or threaten punishment. I’m not even allowed to kick him out, so I’m at a complete loss.

I’m so tired of being disrespected!!!