Theres nothing for us here anymore

My daughters father was a bit of a jerk. When I got pregnant, we weren't officially dating. I was given an ultimatum; he'd date me if I had an abortion.

So I chose my unborn baby. And he didnt talk to me for 7.5 months before he kinda came around, wanted to see my belly, be apart of our lives.

Theres been a lot of back and forths. One day he'd want to make it work and be a family and the next day his anxiety was through the roof and he didnt want to be forced into a relationship. Fine fine. Well during a good point, I moved out to his area so he could have more access to our baby girl. I didnt have to (I wasn't forced but at that time when I made that big choice, he said we can be together and I believed him)

I went from being a two hour drive away from him to a 7 minute drive away from him. And he's around twice a month IF WE ARE LUCKY.

I don't care enough to fight anymore. I don't want his money (no he doesn't pay child support...he's supposed to be paying for her daycare starting next month but idk how that's possible when he hasnt even asked the cost or where her daycare is.) He never asks what does she need. I don't need child support but it would be nice if he took it upon himself to let's say buy her diapers you know? It's not on me. I shouldn't have to tell him to support his child. He could just ask hey what does she need and I would tell him. I don't ask him to support her.

Anyways. Theres nothing out here for us. I left my friends and family and moved out to nowhere. Yes it was my choice. But now, I'm like this isn't worth my while. I'm providing for her. And I believe it would be better to be near a support system (my family and friends...those who actually make real efforts to be there for us)

So. I gave my 30 days notice. (That's what is on my lease) And I am leaving. Going back to where we originally were. I did him the courtesy and told him. And he's pretty upset because he thinks I'm purposely making it harder for him to see his child. What do you all think? Am I wrong? Yes? No? Maybe? Comment?