Hi 👋

Me and my fiancé suffered a miscarriage 3 years ago and decided not to try again until this year. I came off my BC about 6 months ago and our first month of actually trying we got our BFP! I was obviously excited but also anxious because of last time? So I booked a private scan for when I was supposedly 6w 3days, we went and was told I was more along the 6w mark exactly saw a little flutter of the heartbeat 💗 so that brings me to today, I’m now 6w 5days and I’ve been experiencing quite strong period like cramps since last night nonstop, I went into my early pregnancy unit tonight and they basically gave me painkillers to try and help the pain. Said they’d see me at 12 weeks unless I experienced any bleeding otherwise I’m to come back in straight away.

Anyway my question is, has anyone else experienced strong period like cramps constantly and everything been okay? I’m so worried 😔 I’ve read cramping can be normal but this is constant cramping and my mind is thinking the worst 😢