Smoking addiction

I was a previous smoker for 5 years. I got pregnant last year in February and have been cigarette-free since. I’m 9 Month breastfeeding my babygirl and still been going strong on not smoking. I don’t want to smoke again, I want to be a good example for my daughter, I don’t want to smell like cigarette smoke, I don’t want her to get third hand smoke, and I have no desire to pick the habit up again.

But day in day out I constantly am struggling with the mental part of addiction. I know for addicts it’s something you’ll always deal with but it’s hard when I’m out in public and people are smoking cigarettes and I can smell it.

Being pregnant and now breastfeeding has made it easy to not pick up smoking again. But not sure how easy it will be when we are going to be ending our breastfeeding journey in two months.

Like I said I’m constantly thinking about wanting to smoke again but like I don’t really want to, it’s just like the old addicted self that wants to.

Anyone who was a smoker that can offer some advice as to dealing with this? Any tips on how I can continue being cigarette free after breastfeeding.

I already plan to not hang out friends that smoke because I know I will smoke again. But other than that on the hard days, the stressful days I’m not sure how I will be able to not just go to the gas station to buy a pack.