Broken Sex Drive (Little Update)


UPDATE: Husband came home from work for a minute and as he was about to leave, we had a little "us" time. I thought it would be a good idea. Now I'm currently sitting with an ice pack between my legs because the sensitivity I have makes it feel like I'm on fire. Husband had a good time and left smiling, I'm just waiting for the sensation to end. 🤦 I miss sex that doesn't hurt.

My husband and I were that young fun couple who were ready to do it any chance we got some privacy. Fast forward to after we had our daughter, I started losing my interest in sex. I am very tender where I had stitches and anything other than missionary (no matter how slow) results in a little bleeding at the site. Just a tiny bit... Which stings like a paper cut in a super sensitive area. My Dr said it's totally normal, its just some scar tissue and that actually intercourse will help stretch it out, so the little tiny tearing and the tightness will be minimal or go away.

I finally started to get comfortable with sex again (but not nearly as much) hence being 23 Weeks and 2 Days with baby #2. I have 0 sex drive now.

Don't get me wrong, I love that my husband wants to be physical and loves me and my body etc. But there's like a strong 1% of my body that is very controlling which is just like "Sorry, ON switch is still out of service."

I will help with whatever needs he has because that's just not fair in my opinion for our specific relationship and how we are/were. I just...don't have any needs, wants, nothing. Like he starts to touch me and I'm so sensitive with my hormones that not only does the fear of the little tiny tear stop me, but just simply touching me at all anywhere down there does not feel good. (Not using specific terms because there is no specific location, it's just south of the boarder general large space where no one is having a good time).

I tried to add a little humor there^ but it's for real a no party zone. I don't masturbate or anything because even I don't get my ON switch working.

I mean apart from actually getting pregnant and a very rare actual intercourse here or there when the power seems to be in working condition, our sex life is non-existent. No fun being had over here.

Anyone dealing with something similar or dealt with?