hi all the past 2 weeks I have been posting PT's asking if you all could see anything I took about 6 different tests all come up negative so I thought I was out I thought damn I'm getting AF on the 5th September

Anyway 5th september normally I wake up and AF has started well no it hadnt I'd been feeling a little bit sore in the boobs and a little bit tired in the morning thought oh I'll be coming on later.

I went to my friends house and she has a cat now millie the cat doesn't sit on anyone always runs off well I noticed millie was acting strange around me trying to sit on me and nudging me she hadnt dont this since I was last pregnant with my first born so my friend said I think u should test again n I thought no but anyway I went to the shop and got some more PT"s took them back to my friends and went to the toilet

Within seconds of me peeing I started seeing a little red line n my jaw just dropped I ran downstairs to my friends sinead and just passed her the test and burst in to tears

I was told by a medium about 3 months ago that I would give birth to my rainbow baby in may but I didnt believe her and now well I'm due in may

Its uncanny both times I have been to a medium they have said I will have another child

1st time- was when I had recently lost my mum I was told a baby is coming a few.months later I ended up pregnant with my FB daughter

2nd time- it's been a year after loosing my angel baby boy and I went to a.medium she said I would have my rainbow in May 2020 but I thought no not likely to happen again.

So September comes and I get another message off the medium this was on the 4th September and the message was to stop stressing and talk to your baby at this point I didnt think I was pregnant I thought I was out this month so I replied I'm not pregnant

Low and behold on the 5th September AF did not show but I got a positive pregnancy test

The mediums seem to know before I do myself

But I'm over the moon to say I'm now expecting MY RAINBOW BABY IN MAY 2020

Sorry for the long post