To any one...

Hey ladies, pregnancy is for sure a journey, and our bodies take on a lot. If have suffered from haemorrhoids (piles) during the last part of pregnancy, be prepared for the after effects once you have delivered baby. Now I cant explain in detail but literally they are bulging out my backside and I cant even sit down, I'm still on my side and have to breastfeed my baby laying on my side, thank God my partner and daughters are on hand to help me, but please ladies take it easy. My first poo is what set this off, I didnt strain, and I wasn't constipated, it just went hand In hand with the delivery and pressure of babys head at the end of pregnancy. If you can get you hands on some creams or internal supplements please do it before leaving the hospital, or let the midwife know you had/have piles so they can prescribe you with medication. I wish I did this, I just wanted to get home and enjoy baby, but I'm suffering at the moment, each day is getting better but its f****ing painful.

The doctor gave me some medication so I'm on the road to recovery 😔

I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.