Infertility depression : treatment pending

It's been a hell of a road. We're 4 years down that road now... I've had more blood tests and been prodded this way and that with a smile on my face.

Originally hoping for a big family and now lucky if ICSI works and we have one child. I will never think of parents of only children as strange again... Let's face it, I'll be LUCKY to join that club!

I always used to say only children were selfish, didn't know how to share and ended up being spoilt brats... It's not true. And I have lots of friends who are only children and don't forfill that stereotype.

But I thought it was a choice by the parents. (And if it is... Good for you!)

It's now become my reality.

And I have to make peace with that situation and be happy which ever sex we have and whichever month/date it is born on... Just be happy that we won the 50/50 odds

chance it would work...

We haven't got there yet. We're waiting for the drugs. But I'm just here... Waiting to jump with a parachute (metaphorically) after climbing this mountain with my husband and thinking we would get to the top and have a baby naturally... Nope. Got to take the leap of faith.

Can anyone else relate? Assure me? Or make me snap out of this depressing mind set I've got myself into.