Why is it not happening 😒

Katie β€’ Hi there, welll where do I start me and my boyfriend have decided we wanna try for a baby as we are ready. I came off pill in September 2017 and I had been on Yasmin for 9/10 years. I'm looking for advice to how and what to do ❀️

I honestly want to say I don't know what's happening and we been now somewhat trying for about 2 years we started in October of 2017 and I just don't understand my period has only just gone normal in last year they started going back to regular periods in January and the last two month's have been off due to stress and I roughly know when I ovulate but still nothing is there so thing wrong with me or is this the world telling I can't have children.

In family there has never been issues like this it took my mum 1 year to get pregnant and I've got a big family. My boyfriend doesn't have issues at all as he has a child who is know 2.

Is there anything I can do to help please help me xxx