Is this an appropriate gift for the situation?

My best friends son passed away at 3 weeks last year and it's his first birthday. She's obviously having a hard time right now so I wanted to make some special. This is a big picture I had printed and framed it's 11x14. I did the editing myself on the picture. Sorry about the glare. Its from my flash. It says "If tears could build a staircase and memory a lane, I'd come right up to heaven and bring you home again". It's a famous poem, that I always thought was sweet. Anyways this is a picture I took of him right after he was born, The best part is this is a picture she has never seen before. She had a C-section and I was in the room so she was still on the bed and didn't get to see him at this point. I'm nervous about her reaction, I know she will cry but I just want her to have something special. I can't wait to see her after work. ❤️