Oral and Period should not go together

Ok Ladies, I am feeling so ashamed and embarrassed!!!

So I thought that I was off of my period. At least in the clear! (I was at the end of my period so spotting to just about nothing. Nothing had been on my panty liner all day).

Anyways, so it was after midnight and things got a little heated between my partner and I. We hadn’t seen each other in over a week so go figure!

He started taking my clothes off and I was skeptical (should’ve went with my gut). He was about to go down on me, but I was aroused to the point that we could just have sex at that point, so I pulled him up to avoid him giving me head (JUST IN CASE...since it was so soon after my period)

So we do it, we both orgasm and I’m good to go. Satisfied and all. After a few minutes of coming down off of our high...he goes to give me head and I didn’t stop him. I was worried about how I tasted the whole time, but he didn’t stop at all and he got the job done. So this morning when I woke up, I saw that I was still spotting!!!

Like omg I’m feeling mortified. But he hasn’t said anything at all about anything. I just feel so gross.

Am I over reacting? Do I say something to him? Or do I just let it go and talk about it if he ever brings it up???

Was it probably not as bad as I am thinking?! Has this ever happened to anyone else? How did your partner react? What did you do?! HELP!