10 years and it’s over


I’m not sure if this is the right section for this but I feel like I need to tell someone.

Monday night my husband and I decided it would be best if we got a divorce. After 10 years There’s just been too much pain too much trust broken too much hurt for it to be fixable anymore. We still love each other very much but I’ve come to the realization that we’re better off as still being best friends then husband and wife. The worst part is I’m 20 weeks pregnant with our first child. Our rainbow baby after 3 miscarriages. This baby was a surprise as we were not trying because we were still trying to ‘fix’ us. As we all know a baby does not magically fix everything if anything it made us realize that we are simply not meant to be. We still plan to live together and raise our son together just not has husband and wife. Eventually once the roommate moves out I’ll move into my own room. I’m not really looking for any advice I guess more of I just feel very alone. I still love him deeply and it will be hard to work through but I know this is what is best for me and our son. Im just very heart broken..