I think I have post natal depression

I love my daughter so much, and I am a very emotional person, even before pregnancy I would cry at Christmas adverts.

Since coming home I've cried every day, and sometimes I'll cry because I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed by breastfeeding, then sometimes I'll cry because I'm happy.

I look at my daughter and I have so much love for her and my heart feels full, but I worry about her constantly, I worry something will go wrong or she will get sick. I struggle to sleep because I'm just watching her all the time to make sure she's alright. I'll cry just singing to her.

I have a dog who I now worry over too because I feel like I'm neglecting him now I have a baby I need to look after, and I'm also scared to be left alone when my partner goes back to work and have to look after both my daughter and my dog.

Breastfeeding is tricky, I tend to cry out of stress, but sometimes I'll just be sat watching TV and suddenly cry over nothing.

My partner will hug me and I'll find the hug so reassuring and comforting that it makes me cry...

I'm just constantly emotional.

The midwives keep asking me about how I'm feeling in myself, they've spoken to my partner and told him to keep an eye on me so I know they have some concerns.

Am I suffering from PND or is it just baby blues? I'm 5 days PP right now.