Wondering if anyone goes through this?

My boyfriend and I just had our first baby. He is the sole financial provider, but I take constant care of our 2 month old. He works from home, but stays in his office constantly. Only comes upstairs for meals and the occasional baby hug. I can hardly get him to take a break from his office to do the bedtime routine with our baby. So yes he works very hard, and provides a beautiful home and every resource I could imagine. But he is constantly putting me down because I currently need help paying my 500 dollars worth of bills a month. And anytime I’m doing something that annoys him he reminds me that “this is his home, that he pays for” so pretty much I can leave or stop doing whatever he doesn’t like, whenever I want if pleasing him is becoming a problem. It really hurts my feelings because it makes me feel like being a stay at home mom of a two month old is not enough. And that he doesn’t realize what I do.. And that I need to figure out a way to work. But the only time I can get him away from working is the weekend so that would be the only time I could go to work. What would you do in my situation? I know stay at home jobs are an option but the only time I can get away from the baby is at 8 or 9 pm when I finally get him to sleep for sure. Advice from anyone is welcome♥️

Also since the weekends he’s not working, I feel like it’s the only time we get as a family. Would you feel it’s worth sacrificing the time I get with him so that he’s happy with me? Because then I feel like we wouldn’t even have a relationship.. I feel like either way there is a huge stress between us.