So, for as long as I can remember I allowed people to walk all over me. I go out of my way to make sure that everyone's needs are fulfilled and that they're comfortable but it seems to be something that I can never get in return.

I'd like some help regarding this situation. I dont know if I'm over reacting but I'd like your advice. Last year I moved in with my father ( I'm 16) . For months I had a room to myself. About 5-6 months after moving in,my sisters apartment complex gave a notice that theyll be shutting down and everyone would need to find somewhere else to stay. This led to her later moving in. When she move in , my father (who had the biggest room in the house) switched rooms with me so that we'd be able to share a room together. I wasnt completely fond of the idea seeing as I feel more comfortable being alone and we weren't all that close. After she moved in however I've had to adjust to MANY things. I'm a very quite person and sensitive to hearing. I understand that coexisting with soemoen comes with adjustments but at times I feel as though shes inconsiderate of the space that we have ( it's not very much might I add). Like I said before,I'm very sensitive to noise so when I'm getting ready for bed or when I'm sleeping i prefer that it be QUIET. I have to get up 5am everyday for school so i usually go to bed around 11 (I have alot of homework). Howver , she just doesn't let me! These days I go to sleep at around 2 am because she'll stay up ALL NIGHT talking to her friends and making alot of noise. Shes a grown adult (21). I simply dont understand how she might think this is ok. We're less than 5 ft apart! Keep in mine , when she sleeps (even if I have stuff to do) I'll close the light , lower the brightness on any devices that I'm using and adjust my headphone volume so that nothing is blaring through. She sleeps perfectly fine! These past few days I've been having to sleep in the guest room and living room because of the noise. If I dont leave , I wont even get 3 hours in! Meanwhile , she can wake up at virtually anytime to go to college. I feel as though this is so unfair! Due to past experiences , my anxiety is pretty bad. Hence why I've had trouble confronting her about it. Today I plan too! This isnt the only inconsiderate thing shes done and in fed up! I feel as though we should be able to coexist in a room without over powering one another.