Please tell me..

Alyssa • Baby #1 due February 24th❤️
Someone else due in February is experiencing this rash with me. I don't wish it on anyone but it would be nice not to be alone. Im having a little boy and from what I've read I'm experiencing an allergic reaction to his testosterone, otherwise known as PEP or PUPPP. Im only 21 weeks and it started around 14 weeks but it was sooo tiny and didn't bug me too much until now. Now both of my thighs are covered in this rash and I've tried regular lotion, shea butter, coco butter, bio oil, coconut oil and now Im using diaper rash cream which has helped the most but I still have the urge to itch but that will only make it spread further. 
Does anyone have any experience or advice? Last time I talked to my midwife about it, it wasn't this bad and she just told me to moisturize and it was probably due to the cooler weather and dry skin. My next appointment isn't until the 27th, and I can't make it until then, let alone 19 more weeks.