Laura • 2 beautiful boys. East Yorkshire England 💚
Basically I'm 18 weeks, went into triage midwives yesterday as I've had cramping on and off since Friday night! (It's now Sunday night here in the UK) Alls they did was listen to baby any sent me home, oh and found protein in my urine but blood pressure was okay.... Basically still getting on and off pains in abdomen, and now I've had. A stitch like pain more on my left side than my right CONSTANT for hours! It's passed also to my right but not half as bad as the left side, I feels like I've eaten a horse and run a mile 😩 what is going on? Baby hasn't been as active (second baby so felt movements really early) but it has been moving :/ I'm just scared they've fobbed me off and something is going on.... Surely something is happening for me to still be hurting?? 😩 ADVICE PLEASEEEEEEEEE