DAsia • First time parent To Zoelle Skye 🤱🏽❤️
I know I've been kinda of asking the same questions lately but okay to make this as short as possible I had a "period"  that came two days early it started sept 28- Sep30 and a little dot of brown on Oct1st I have a 28 day cycle and it's usually last 6 days this was the first time I ever experienced my period being so short . The first day I had mild bleeding that didn't even fill the pad nor was a lot ,  but than the second day I had started spotting a very light pink to nothing than the next day I spotted light pink also than finally the last day on the 30 I spotted a real dark brown than after that I haven't gotten any blood or anything after that .  I tested last week and got A BFN my next "period starts .  For the past two weeks or so I have been having real bad headaches/ migraines and feeling real nauseous. Should I wait till the day before my next period to which is on oct25 to test again?