Do you celebrate Halloween?!

Brittany • Hi I`m Brittany , I am a 30 yr old mother to a 8year old boy,me and my so have been together 9 years, and were sweet hearts in Jr.high , and now are finally ready for baby #2 . Finally got baby number 2 she is now 19 months . It took 3 years to get her bu
I was at work the other day taking about Halloween, and my co worker said she didn't let her daughter celebrate, that she even takes her out of school on that day because they let them dress up and it makes get daughter sad and cry, I get that some reason or another people don't celebrate it, but I do i love the dressing up and getting my son all EXCITED about his costume and well go out and trunk or treat and go to his cousins and let them play! What do you think about it?! How do you celebrate , or if you don't why? I always like to be educated on others thoughts an opinions ,