I think I pushed him away

So I met this guy on Tinder. We’ve been talking all through the summer till last Thursday. He is very sweet and patient and caring and takes time to find out how I am and if I’m not he works around that to make sure I am ok. We haven’t met yet. We are about 7 hours away from wzch other and my college schedule doesn’t really have space for us to meet. So long story short- Sometimes I made really mean comments to him if I am moody (have those days- don’t we all?🙈) but he would probably make a joke out of it or something. I’d get annoyed easily and guess the last stroke was when I told him that he thinks he is funny and he really isn’t 🙈. I didn’t mean that I don’t want to be talking to him ever again though🙁. So now he hasn’t texted since then and I miss him and I was starting to really like him. Should I be bold emough to text him or just let this be. Maybe we weren’t meant to be. HELP😭

UPDATE: I texted him. Owned up and took responsibility for my actions🙌🏾. I’m glad I did. Amd I’ll learn to do better now. Won’t be bullying him when I’m moody or hormonal 🙌🏾🤰🙈. Thank you girls🎉🥳