Social phobia?


Okay so here’s the thing :

With people I’m close to I can be really talkative and happy

But with people I don’t talk to in my school I get really quiet

And when I mean quiet I mean well then I guess I’m shy. I don’t talk to anyone other than my friend group

And there all girls

My sweet is coming up and my mom told me if I had four girls on court than that means I need four boys too

And that’s when i told her that I don’t talk to boys

It’s not like I hate boys or anything

I just get awkward and shy and scared to talk to them

And she was definitely surprised to hear that I don’t talk to boys

So I went to the internet to see if just maybe I have a social phobia

I took a test and it said that I have a mild social phobia

Guys I don’t know if I have it or not but is it normal for a teen girl to not speak to boys ?