Is this flirty?

So my partner has been chatting to a girl he used to see (a couple of dates). She message him one night before we went to bed and he was chatting to her n we were cosied in on the sofa, so I was next to him n I caught a glimpse of the photo and automatically become interested. He scrolled up the chat to show me she had been messaging him but it was his replies that worried me. She kept insisting they meet for coffee and he was all for it, one of his replies was “yeah I’m really glad I met you!” And she was saying things like “aw just cause you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! Can’t wait to see you” and his replies would be along the lines of “yeah great! Looking forward to it xxx” ..

I’m not sure if I’m just panicking cause he used to see this girl or if his replies were kinda encouraging? What do you guys think?

Please no nasty comments I just want a bit of help here :)

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