Does anyone have any advice on saving yourself till marriage?

So I’ve been in Catholic school my entire life, but my family recently moved and I’m now in a public school. It used to be really easy to avoid situations where I would be tempted to be unchaste, but now I’m in an environment where temptations are everywhere.

I really do want to save myself for marriage, but it’s becoming really difficult now that I’ve been thrown into entirely different surroundings. I’m not used to this and it’s lowkey kinda scary. I don’t want to “mess up” I guess and regret it later. My life seems to moving so fast and I feel so unprepared and afraid. Idk. I’m used to moving (this is the 13th school I’ve attended) but I’ve never been to public school. It’s completely different from my old schools and I don’t know how to handle it.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I’m a junior in high school. I’d appreciate any help. :(