I have GD, and the midwife I saw that day said I'll be induced at 39w. I had really mixed feelings about it and didn't want to be induced. I talked to my regular midwife and asked her if it HAD to be done or if I could let my body do it's thing. She said as long as baby and fluid measurement are normal that I can wait and go naturally. I'm 36+3 now. I actually had 2 preterm scares and thought she would already be here, but labor was stopped and she's growing away. Measuring just fine. Now that I'm getting close to 39w I'm having mixed feelings all over again. If she doesn't come on her own then I'll be induced anyway, and I'm a first time mom so it's pretty likely I'll go over and they'll induce me at 40w anyway because of GD. I'm already dilated and completely thinned out, not that it means anything but I FEEL like induction wouldn't be one of the horror stories you read on here, for me, because my body has already made some progress. I'm conflicted. Ultrasounds can only be so accurate, so what if she's actually 2 lbs more than they say and I go to 40 and end up having to get a c section because she's huge. I know a c section is always a possibility, especially if induction doesn't go as planned. Like I said I have a gut feeling if I were induced she would borderline fly out, and I'm big on my instinctual feelings. I feel like I understand my body pretty well. I also considered asking for a sweep because as of last week I was already 2cm, and it COULD help her come naturally if my body is ready for it. Phew. So, what would you ladies do? If I'm being induced I need to set my induction date at my appointment tomorrow. Or I can ask for a sweep at my next appointment. Or both. I'm a conflicted first time mom. What would glow do