So thankful for my mom ❤️

We didn’t have a birthday party for my son but my mom still remembered it was his birthday and wished him a happy birthday and have him a gift (even though she could barely afford it.) her and my sister was the only ones that wished my son a happy birthday out of my entire family , and out of my sons side of the family. It’s sad. I’m trying not to dwell on it though but it gets to me. Like my MIL makes lots of money but would rather do more things to make more money than to say happy birthday to my son. And my SIL didn’t say happy birthday to my son or get him anything (I know it’s not the gifts that matter) but I went out of my way to get her daughter something when I was miscarrying. There isn’t any excuse. I’m just gonna stop being nice. I’m so thankful that my son knows he’s loved by my mom and sister. It sucks that all of his ‘family’ are like that. Don’t give him any recognition but when they are around him act like the best ‘family’. Also, I’m pregnant again after two miscarriages. I’m not telling anyone until I know everything is fine but since no one wants to involve their self with my son I guess they’ll have to hear it from someone else 🤷🏼‍♀️ and for everyone thinking I should tell them or involve them... i don’t think so. Like my brother in law basically told me I didn’t deserve the babies I miscarried and I would’ve loved it more than my son ? WHILE I WAS MISCARRYING . And my mother in law has been so awful to me! Sorry for the rant that was all over the place 🙃