long distance

Hey any tips for dealing with a long distance relationship? It feels really bad to say and i feel so guilty but I think I have jealousy issues. My bf went to a different college from me (about four hours away) and he doesn’t drive so the only wya he can get here is if i drive or he takes the bus. It makes me feel really shitty since that’s a lot for me to drive six hours alone to get him when i work and go to college five days and a week and he only has school. I feel shitty I just can’t do that without my parents freaking out and it hurts that he would put me in that situation anyways? He’s there with a girl who before we got together really liked him and tried to date him, he was semi into her but now he says he didn’t know what it was like to really have feelings for someone since we’re each other’s first relationships. She’s also said she is a lesbian since then but I’m still not sure how I feel about her and him being there when they have history like that and they range from being friends to hating each other. I just hate feeling like he doesn’t really have time or care enough about me. I said we’d try to do long distance even though they rarely work since he said it was only for a year to see what it’s like but now I asked him and he says it’s probably going to be four years. He’s offered to move back and go to a local college here but at the other college his parents are paying his tuition and he has a decent scholarship from the school.

Sorry this is really long I just feel weird talking about it with my friends here and him. Thanks for any advice and reading!