I just got home and I’m very confused as to what to do.. I was at my ex bfs house and we had sex. He had a condom on but didn’t pull out right away. When he did he was worried that the condom ripped. I checked and there was no hole but there was some kind of fluid, I think it was mine. I shined some light on him and he had some fluids in the areas around his 🍆 but like I said, I think they were mine because I was pretty wet. There was a little bit of his cum dripping down his balls BUT when he was inspecting the condom he wasn’t holding it too tight so some might have slipped. He freaked himself out and me, so before I fuck up my cycle, should I or should I not take a plan b. I don’t want to be popping it like it’s Advil so I’d like to know if I’m over reacting or not. I’m due for my next period in 6 days and have very clear signs of pms.