Would you leave them alone? Unsafe?!

I read this on Facebook and I'm curious what your opinion is.

A mom posted that she was in her own room watching TV while her 2 year old and her 4 month old play in their room alone. She said she could her them laughing and thought it was 'sweet'

I know we aren't supposed to judge other moms but that seems extremely unsafe to me. I wouldn't even let a 2 year old play alone long enough to watch TV in a while other room..nebermind leaving a 2 year old with a 4 month old!! I wouldn't leave a 4 month old alone in another room like that to watch TV by myself either unless they were asleep but they are both awake playing together. A 2 year old could easily hurt a 4 month old badly or themselves even.

What do u think? Do you guys do this? When did you let your kids start playing alone in another room unwatched ?