Breastfeeding Question


My newborn (6 days old) for the last two days does not feed often or for long..

To clarify, most of the time she only wants to eat every 4 hours ( I try for every two)

And a lot of times when she feeds her feeding session can last 4 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes.. it varies.. 20 minutes is the longest.

I give each session an hour just Incase she wants to eat in increments.

I try every 2-3 hours.

She shows no tell tale signs of ever being hungry, she doesn’t really cry, and I normally have to wake her up to eat.

With that being said her output is GREAT. She has more dirty/wet diapers a day then the lactation consultant said she needs to be having at this age.

I’ve been checking her temperature and that’s great. And she’s not fussy..

Can someone tell me if this is normal? I see her pediatrician for her one week appointment on Thursday and was going to ask then but wanted to know if should try to get in sooner..