Omg omg omg, please tell me these aren't indents!


Somebody please help me! I am shaking so bad, I so hope this is my BFP! I have to wait until tmrw to get a pink dye but I think this is the real deal! Never had a faint line EVER and I've taken hundreds of tests! Even on blue dye! I am currently 2 days late and the last 3 months my period has come EXACTLY when it should.

I've been trying since January with my first pregnancy which tragically ended in a miscarriage, the wait for a pink dye tmrw is going to kill me! Help!!


I took a pink dye test and well, here it is !

It's super faint but it's there! And this was only like 30 min after I had already peed so its definitely NOT the pee to be using but I was too excited to wait! Ha