34 weeks or take the risk


Hey ladies and gents

My water ruptured at 30 weeks 5 days. I've been in hospital since practicing conservative care with antibiotics and scans and steroids and bloods etc you guys know the drill. I'll be 33 weeks Thursday which is somewhat rare apparently that I haven't gone into labour naturally yet.

Today my obstetrician gave me options of what I want to do if I can hold him in till 34 weeks, would I prefer that they induce or continue conservative care with the risk of infection increasing. I said whatever is best for the baby but the truth is I have no effing idea what is best. She said that 34 weeks will be the fork in the road (if everything remains stable until then) where one way or the other the risk is about equal. She said physiologically and psychologically it should have no real bearing on his wellbeing to induce at 34 he will need to put on weight if he comes out, the induction might not work if my body isn't ready. The risk of infection increases the longer he is in but continuing close monitoring and conservative care should give us the opportunity to catch it before it threatens his wellbeing.

Has anyone here got advice or information you can link me to?

How long did your 34 weekers spend in NICU? Have any of you practiced conservative care and gotten an infection as a result?