Should I continue or move on?

Hey guys. So this might be kind of long but I literally have no female friends and my mom isn’t someone I can really talk to about stuff, so I come to you all with my dilemma. So I’ve known this guy since 2013 and we recently came back into each other’s lives at a party and started hanging out more and everything. We decided to start dating so we have been official almost two months, but with each other a little longer. I know, not a long time at all, but I’m glad I asked the questions I did because now I don’t think this is a relationship I should continue, but I’m unsure. The biggest reasons I don’t want to continue are because he wants to date someone for at least 5 years before he will even consider marriage. And then two more before kids. I’m almost 25 and he’s 29. That makes it sound like it’s just not anything but a waste of time? I don’t know how to explain that. The second reason is because he told me that even if he were married and had kids, his life insurance would go to his sister instead of his own family if he passed. Even though his sister is married and her husband has life insurance for her and their children already. And the third is that I was sitting with him and saw on his phone he was telling a friend he gets suboxone every two weeks from a doctor. I’m not sure for what, but I know he’s used drugs years ago. The suboxone itself doesn’t bother me, but the fact that he hid it from me, and now I’ve kinda been noticing a few other shady things. He’s sweet and kind to me and I can tell he cares about me, but he is unwilling to budge on the three things I just wrote about. I don’t know what to do. I really think my instinct is to end it, but I just wanted some other female perspectives. He has a good job and everything, his own house and car, pays his bills. But idk if these reasons are kinda like the universe telling me to cut my losses and find someone more suited to what I also want in life. Thanks for reading guys ❤️