I just had to tell this story to someone :)

I was dating a guy for 3 years, and the relationship started feeling stagnant even though he was a wonderful boyfriend. Well, someone else I had met in my college classes commented on a Facebook post of mine, and we started talking non-stop every day. In school, I always thought he was cute and mysterious, but I am shy, so we never really spoke until he messaged me this year. A few days after we started talking, I could feel a strong connection. I had never met someone who thought as deeply as me and was so smart and talented, and he has so many skills on his belt which just added onto everything. We both were used to not trusting people and being introverted, and we both trusted each other within those days. The bad part, he was in another country with the Peace Corps halfway in, so we couldn't hang out. We skyped, and ever since then, our calls have been hourrss long. Less than a month later, he told me he had feelings for me and had never felt that way before. He pictured the perfect woman to be a certain way since he was young, but the women he met never reached that standard, so he didn't believe it was possible until me. I ended my relationship to try things with him. Despite my cautious mind, I took great risk to travel to spend some days with him and see how things go. IT WAS AMAZING. This was less than a month of talking, and we confessed our love for each other. It was nervewrecking *truly* meeting him for the first time, but after I kissed him, things progressed quickly and smoothly. It felt as though we had been together for months already. After that trip, I moved to France where I am now, while he still resides elsewhere. We have been talking about marriage and sex, which I had never considered before him. This is CRAZY for me because I am cautious all the time and reasonable, but I have never felt this kind of connection before. Our relationship is all out of order. Usually people meet, hang out, start dating, say "I love you", then get married/move in together. But we met, confessed our feelings, re-met, then had our first kiss, started dating and said "I love you" all in one night LOL. I just had to post this somewhere because I am really happy and people would think I'm crazy... I'll wait to tell the whole true story at our wedding so people see that it worked out and he wasn't some crazy dude.