Blackout curtains...🖤

Lisa • Mommy to miss Penny Lane🎼💗🌹 8/4/18 and to two fur babies Link🐾 and Logan😸

I’m just curious, how many of y’all still use blackout curtains in your babes rooms? I know not everyone uses them, but we definitely needed them back when she first moved to her nursery cause she was stimulated by every little thing she could see😂

Right now, we have to have a portable AC unit in her room since we have Indian Summers here(Northern CA), and it’s a window unit, so we can’t even open her window, and let sunlight in!😔Which sucks! Cause I had a beautiful plant for her room🥀

I’m also tired of fixing the ghetto tape job we have🤣We’ve got blackout curtains taped to the window, along with shades and darkening curtains over them. I’m so excited for it to cool off, so we can get rid of the portable AC, and just have the darkening shades and I can open her window again! Any of you let your babes sleep with the window open if it’s not too noisy where you live? I would also love that.

The funny thing is, shes shown me she can sleep at other peoples houses without a pitch black room, and with noise around. I’m more worried than her, as usual🤦🏻‍♀️