Wtf ... should I do


So this is a long story ..

my husband has 2 sisters one is 18 and one is 14 ..

they both are trying to have a kid but my issue is the one that is 14 sits and says the only reason I am trying to have a baby is so I can get out of this house and I about slapped her , she is 14!! And having/ trying for a baby for all the wrong reasons , I am 19 years old and have had 4 miscarriages within the last year .. so I am sitting listening to these girls talk about how they are trying to have a baby.. because they want the government to pay for there living .. I am absolutely disgusted.

I don’t understand like how these little ass girls process this shit and think this is okay and think it’s okay to have a kid when your obviously very immature. The 14 year old stoped taking her birth control and has been trying to hide it from her mom . Me and her mom are very close so I want to tell her so she is aware what her 14 year old kid is doing .

I don’t know how to not feel upset like they don’t have jobs they don’t both do hard drugs . And they give no fucks about anything .

How do you think I should go about this ?