Could my mom be jealous

So my mom had two children me and my brother via c- section 29 years ago.. I just found out a couple of days ago that they were also both scheduled.. Her water had to be broken and she never felt contractions or the pain of labor...

Fast foward to today.. Im finally pregnant with my baby after trying for many many years.. Im over the moon with joy.. At first my mom was all weird about it and told me my life was over.. Tf im 29 years old my party days are over at least i got to enjoy my twentys with no restrictions.. I told Her any way she finally came around now she is super excited..

Anywho while talking to her one day she asked me have i found the hospital where im going to deliver i said yes but im scared.. She said "of what?" i said "giving birth" she said that i needed to have a c section and to talk to my doctor about it ...

So i put it in my mind that i wanted a c section.. My friends all looked at me like i was a werido.. "Why would you want a csection unless your doc says you needed it...? Who askes to get cut"

My doctor even looked at me crazy when i asked for one he said.. "Okaaaay may i ask why? Are you scared? Why would you want it?" my mom was there and chimed in

" oh i had to have csections and our pelvis or to small to deliver its heredity.. Blah blah.." I said its just a personal choice.. He said "well you have more time to really think about it.. I wont schedule now.. But we can talk more about it"

I said to my mom i want to loose weight right after and move around and enjoy my baby and not be in pain if i dont have to.. I think im going to just deliver.. She was like omg! You'll be fine it doesn't hurt... Then

As we were leaving my mom is rambling on about how its my choice.. And i need a new doc if they choose not to respect my wishes she even went on to say.. YOU DON'T WANT A LOOSE VAGINA!!! im not going to lie i had that thought and that's one of the reasons i wanted a c section.. But ive asked men is there a difference? Most said no..

But a couple of days ago in the shower i was thinking about all of this and was thinking could my mom be jealous that i would have that over her if i give birth.. That she didn't? That i felt the pain of labor and delivering and contractions and pushing.. And she didnt go threw non of that?

I remember her calling me a couple of years ago pissed around mothers day because the ladys at work were having a debate about this.. And one lady said .. " real women give birth and experience it... Its the most beautiful thing to experience" somthing around there.. My mom was offended.. And said at least my.. Is still tight and i guess some other women that had c sections agreed.. Both comments to me is dead wrong

But long story short.. Could that be the case

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