Pregnancy after miscarriages.


So I’ll try and keep it brief but if any of you have found yourself in a similar situation please let me know how you coped!

I’m 23 and I had an early MC and then a missed mc around 2 years ago. That resulted in a D and C and what took me by surprise was how well your body can trick you into thinking all is fine. Baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks and we found out at the dating scan. Pregnancies around 8 months apart.

I’m now 4 weeks pregnant again and I almost don’t want to believe it or get my hopes up again just yet. I have contacted EPU who have booked me in for a scan on 23rd October at 8 weeks and I can appreciate there’s not much more to see before this, but I’m so worried I’m going to hate the next 4 weeks as they drag by and all I do is worry.

My Mum would love a grandchild and I’d like it to be special when she finds out, like a cute card or something. But then I feel if it does go wrong and I don’t tell her, she’ll be so upset not knowing.

Just no clue what to do about anything!